Warming up on a cold day

All exercises performed for 50 seconds with 10 second rest in between

1.  Mountain climber sprints

2.  Single leg raises (hanging from pull up bar alternating legs)

3.  Mountain climber sprints

4.  Squat and kick

5.  Mountain climber sprints

repeat round 3 times

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The Path less traveled

Taking the path less traveled can lead you to a different perspective.  A fresh perspective can often direct your attention to a much bigger picture.  A bigger picture will show you the limitless possibilities and, in turn, a life filled with wonder, appreciation and beauty.

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Awesome quickie

  • 8 min. warm up on jump rope
  • 15 X long jump fwd w/ 2 jumps back, go right into pushup position, legs jump out, pushup and repeat
  • 30 reps sumo jump squat
  • 13 X tapping pushup w/ 13 pullups (do in sets of 3 each, 4 on the last set)
  • 15 X each side lunge forward and back
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